Our Story




We are Cinthia and Carlos - two college best friends who fell in love and discovered a shared passion for the artistry of shoemaking. Having each been born into generations of artisans, we have a deep appreciation for the people and skill behind handcrafted items. 

After moving to Canada from Mexico in 2011, we knew it was our mission to bring the tradition of the Latin American artisan with us. And so, in the Spring of 2020 we brought this dream to life as co-founders of Harmonica and launched our first collection. 



Our Story

While launching in the midst of a pandemic was a bump in the road that we could have never anticipated, and required some creative pivots - we are so grateful to be doing what we love!

Where We Began 

 As a young girl Cinthia found her love of shoes while watching her grandfather handcraft them.


“He knew how to make shoes from scratch, he knew the artistry, I would see all the little pieces of leather and everything he needed for them. The process fascinated me - I will always love shoes because of my grandpa.” 


It was in honour of the influence he had that we chose the name Harmonica.  “My grandfather always had a harmonica in his workshop and would play it for the grandchildren so there is a special piece of nostalgia in our name.” 


Carlos fondly remembers growing up watching his grandfather, a goldsmith, crafting intricate pieces of jewelry.


 “At one time, I remember Papa Fernando taught me how to polish the jewelry. It was from that moment on that I recognized this beautiful heritage and felt a deep obligation to honour the work of the artisan”.


we share a commitment to sharing the beauty in the tradition of the shoemaker, honouring the craft of handmade goods and the traditions the products are embedded in. 
Equally as important to us is preserving our beautiful planet - it is possible to make beautiful accessories sustainably! 


 Thank you for supporting us and the many artisans that make up the Harmonica family.

 We hope you enjoy our shoes and accessories as much as we have enjoyed making them for you!