Harmonica brand is dedicated to preserving and sharing artisanal traditions. 

Based out of Vancouver, Canada, we founded the business in 2020 with the aim of changing the way people see fashion. 
Disheartened by the disposable nature of fast fashion, our founder Cinthia was inspired by her home country of Mexico, where many artisans still produce fine leather accessories with techniques that have been refined through generations. 
So she founded Harmonica as a way to share their skills and craftsmanship with the world, and to support and uplift artisans around the world.


Both of our founders come from Latin America. Carlos is from Nicaragua and Cinthia is from Mexico, which is where they both met before they moved to Canada in 2011. With Carlos’ experience in supply chain management, and Cinthia’s background in marketing and her passion for slow fashion, they’re excited to work with talented artisans to bring you well-crafted accessories that embody the best of tradition, culture and contemporary design.


We want people to rethink their relationship with fashion. Instead of consuming fashion as entertainment, we hope to encourage people to consider the function and value of fashion in their lives. Fast fashion is damaging to both the people who produce it and the environment, and we believe that slow fashion is the only sustainable future for the industry and the planet. Our vision is to change the way people see fashion, and to help them understand the ethical and environmental benefits of paying for higher-quality goods, and our goal is to create a new model of production through multicultural partnerships that are good for us and the world. 


After we design our products in Canada, we head to Latin America, where our products are produced by some of the region’s best artisans who have refined their techniques over generations. Our shoes start from León, Mexico, a city with leather and shoemaking traditions that date back to the 17th century. From there, the leather gets sent to the town of Sahuayo, where the leather is cut and sewn by hand to create your huaraches. Many of the people we work with are women, and the work preserves not only their skills, but also their jobs. 
Our other shoes are produced in León itself, where their knowledge of high-skill construction and stitch techniques have made them famous for producing shoes for many top-tier designers and brands. 


Every purchase you make helps provide jobs for artisans in Latin America, and improves the lives of their families and their communities. However, we believe that we can do more. 
It is our belief that we rise by lifting others. By collaborating with local brands, we support not only artisan products, but also local products. It’s a powerful mission that stands at the core of our brand.  
We believe that high-quality slow fashion must be as important as style, comfort, and affordability. We help to create a product consciously and sustainable, selling at a fair price while giving back to the Latin American communities.