Copy of About Us

Ethically Made Artisan Shoes and Accessories for Everyone

We promote Latin American talent.

We have partnered only with the best to create beautiful artisan-made pieces for everyone. Our practice is to find the best designers and artisans in Latin America to offer high quality, ethical and sustainable shoes and accessories in North America. 

Intentional and Socially Responsible.

We believe that high-quality slow fashion must be as important as style, comfort, and affordability. We help to create a product consciously and sustainable, selling at a fair price while giving back to the Latin American communities.   

Kindness it's in the Brand.

Every purchase helps to improve the Communities in Latin America and the artisan's lives and their families. However, we'd like to do more and create a fund to provide meals and clothing for impoverished families in rural Mexican communities. With this in mind, we offer you the option to donate for this cause at checkout, plus we will also run special flash sales in which we will donate 10% of the sales to this fund.

Local Collaborations

It is our belief that we rise by lifting others. By collaborating with local brands, we support not only our artisan products, but also local products. It's a powerful fusion, and it is the core of our Brand.